ARABIC The Language of Quran

The revelation of the Quran in Arabic set the scene for a unique and lasting relationship between the language and Islam. It is implicit that anyone professing Islam cannot ignore the role Arabic plays in his faith. Embracing Islam, therefore, entails exposure to, and familiarity with, the Arabic language. Such familiarity is necessitated by the fact that the memorisation and recitation of Quranic verses in their original language is necessary for the performance of the daily rituals.

Through this website we hope to provide resources to those individuals who embark on the path of understanding their deen; Islam. This could be through studying Arabic or attending Islamic circles in the locality. We hope to generate and information database on the following:

. Importance of the Quran and its understanding.
. Arabic Institutes and Universities.
. Reviews and Feedback from students.
. Advice on studying, visa's, travel , living and much more.
. Islamic education facilities in your local area.
. Other useful links.

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We hope that you benefit from this website. Jazak Allah Khairan.

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