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ArticulationPoints – Lesson Three


Today wewent through the basics of articulations points. As this is a complex, I will summarize the points and provide links for more information.


The articulation point is the place of emitting the letter when pronouncing it that differentiates that letter from specific letters.


There are two types of articulation points:


1.     Specific – This relieson a specific place of the areas of the throat, tongue and the two lips.

2.     General – This doesnot rely on a specific place of the areas of the throat, tongue and the twolips.


There are five articulation places:


1.     The empty space in themouth and throat

2.     The mouth

3.     The tongue

4.     The two lips

5.     The nose



For further information, please see links below which I have found helpful:


Another good resource, this website has handbook, with audio clips which has different exercises. The audio clips are great to put onto your mobile or MP3 and listen while following handbook.


The teacher went through Surah Al Fattihah, using the correction pronunciation andI was required to recite loudly in front of the class! Slowly getting used tothat part!


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I remember this summer 2007 just gone; we had the noble scholar of Kuwait Shaykh Falaah Isma'eel al-Mundakharee in Slough giving a lecture. In it he mentioned the statement of Umar al - Faarooq (radiAllahu anhu): "learn arabic, for verily it is from your religion" - showing and stressing the importance of learning the Arabic language. Having attended lessons of Madeenah Arabic Book 1, the teacher introduced the importance of learning Arabic and the general principle from Shaykh - ul - Islam Ibn Taiymiyyah (rahimahullah) that "the means to an obligation, is an

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Salam, By the Grace of Allah, I will be departing for Egypt today from the UK to pursue my Arabic learning. Here is some general advice on preparation before departing