Egypt as a place of study
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Famous for Al-Azhar Islamic University, Egypt has a very good reputation for Islamic and Arabic studies both in the Islamic world and the West. However over the last decade an increasing number of private Arabic Institutes have also been set-up with the purpose of teaching both traditional 'fusha' and colloquial Arabic.

Fajr Centre was one of the first of its kind founded in Cairo in 1995. However a break away of some of their most experienced teachers in recent years has given rise to numerous private institutes for Arabic learning. Most of these are concentrated in the Nasr City 'Madinah Nasr' area. In addition, private tuition is also on an upward spiral with an abundant supply of private teachers.

With ever increasing number of students now travelling to study in Egypt, extreme caution is recommend when searching for the institute that satisfies your needs. This is because a number of cases have been reported about the lack of organisation and experience in the Institutes.

We have a Reviews section with first hand account of students who have travelled to Egypt and studied at one or more of the Institutes. If you have any further feedback please let us know.