International University of Africa
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International University of Africa, PO Box 2469, Khartoum, Sudan Phone: (249 - 183) 223839, 223860, 223253, 223256, 223210 Fax: (249 - 183) 223841

The Arabic language for beginners program at I.U.A is made up of three levels of four months duration each. The duration of the program is thus fourteen months including semester breaks. Exams are held and a certificate is issued at the end of each level.

Student study 35 hours per week, Tuition fees for the full program (or part of) is 600 U.S dollars and full board accommodation in the student hostels costs extra 1000 U.S dollars /annum. Accommodation in student hostels inside the university campus is available for single students.

The first level (first four months) is the minimum recommendable period for students who cannot stay for the full program duration.