A priority for us all
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Scholars throughout the ages, from the Companions to the present day, encouraged the Ummah to learn the Arabic language. Ubay ibn Kaa'b (radiallaahu anhu) said:

"Teach Arabic like you teach the memorisation of the Quran"

Imam ash-Shaafi'ee (Rahimahullah) (D.204 A.H) said:

"Therefore it is imperative that every Muslim should strive to learn Arabic as hard as he can, so that he can testify the Shahadah, and recite the Book of Allah and say the invocations that are mandatory upon him, such as the takbeer, tasbeeh, tashahud and other prayers. And the more he learns the language that Allah Himself chose to be the language of him who sealed the Prophets (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam), and to be the language of His final revelation, the better it is for him!"‌

Thus attention to Arabic is attention to the Book of Allah T'aala so we should make learning it a priority, and Allah knows best.

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