Sudan as a place of study
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Sudan is the largest country in Africa. Covering an area of a million square miles, it extends from the desert in the north to almost the equatorial belt in the south. Islam entered Sudan from the north via Egypt and from the east across the Red Sea during the reign of Abdalla Ibn Abi al-Sarh in Egypt. It then spread southward rapidly.

Despite the recent media spotlight on Sudan, the capital Khartoum still remains a safe place to travel to. However Sudan still remains an unusual choice to study Arabic in. Khartoum is underdeveloped when compared to other study destinations, such as those of Egypt, Morocco and Syria. Like Tunisia, our student feedback in regards to Arabic studies in Sudan is non existent. However both the University of Khartoum and the International University of Africa (in Khartoum) have an Arabic Studies program for foreign students.