Taking the first steps...
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I was anxious about starting a tajweed course, and was even more nervous about finding the right learning environment.  After looking at the various options, such as a private tutition, self learning or class study.  I decided on structured group classes.  I decided to enrol onto a First Steps to Qu’ran at Tayyibun in East London, after reading the information about the courses and facilities. 

The reason I chose this organisation was because of its segregated facilities, and the importance to learn and teach from the Qu’ran and Sunnah.  This is a 12 week course, which is taught by highly qualified teachers.  The price of the course is also reasonable, 70 for employed people and 65 for students and unemployed people.

The registration was very simple... I attended a registration session for sisters only.   The sister running the registration discussed the course, and I was asked to do a short test to ensure I enrolled onto the right course and she recommended the ‘Tajweed Level 1’ course.

I was given all the course information and requirements, and insha’llah will keep you posted on my progress! First session on Monday!