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Author: Shaikh Abu Anas Hamad-ul-'Uthmaan

Translator: His book Nubadh Fee Aadaab it-Talab (pp.12-15)

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Author: Imaam 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn 'Abdillaah Baaz

Translator: Isma'eel alarcon


Under this section of the website, we have collated various subject guides and useful Arabic resources, which should aid the student in his quest for seeking knowledge. We also have a guidance section, documenting pearls of wisdom for the student of knowledge, and Muslims at large.

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The Qur'an is the word of Allah; a direct message from Allah to us His creation and Allah chose the Arabic language as the language of this message. Indeed Allah tells us this in the Qur'an emphasising to us that to understand the message in its fuller form one must understand the language:

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We all feel touched when we open up a good transliteration of the Qur'an and we ponder and wonder at the beauty of the words and the deep meanings within. But in reality we are just seeing a glimpse of the real treasure that the Quran is.